by Rosalene

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hoyholyhoy Reminds me of older Novelists. Such a promising sound, I'm super excited to hear more from these dudes! Favorite track: 1.) Clarity.
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released April 21, 2017

Produced and Mastered by Erik Bickerstaffe



all rights reserved


Rosalene England, UK

Metal band from Merseyside

New EP "Cherish" available now!

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Track Name: 1.) Clarity
There is something emerging
A presence, a feeling that's so unknown to me

I'm changing, I'm learning
The difference between what's yours and mine
Integrity is drawing closer
I think I'm discovering what I've been so blind to see

I think I've finally found my place
That's been waiting for me all this time
My own thoughts and feelings
Have convinced me I'm safe for my own and my head's sake

It seems I've been forever changing
It seems I've finally found myself
I thought I was so lost
Without a way of finding hope
I was once so conditioned by the things around me

I pray to forget
How I once was
As the past once bled,
It was a time a second guessing wasn't it?

My emotions now recognise me
Yeah I think that I
Have made up my mind
I feel reconnected

My emotions now recognise me
I finally understand
Track Name: 2.) Cherish
and how did this occur?
Behind their smiling faces
Is something much worse

And when will this all end?
Gather around
And waste your time to your hearts content

Please explain the sense of reward that you must feel
Created by something that isn't real

A painted face wearing rose tinted glasses
Is the face of the norm portrayed by the masses
Where will you stand, inclined the right or the left?
With eyes down, look up the ones that you cherish

Beautiful child
The world is at your hands
I won't see you
In denial looking back

Oh how wonderful it would be
If reality
was that of the lives we document every day

Produced by Erik Bickerstaffe

Video by Daniel Scott
Track Name: 3.) Construct
Picture a perfect image inside your head
What of this world does it reflect inside your mind?

Unchangeable, unimaginable, a construct
Made for us to thrive

I'm still numb from the thought of it
Bleeding in
The opinions of others
Coloured my vision

It's crying out for an answer
that's pushed aside
Like the questions against being brought

I feel ashamed, you feel the same
About it about it
Withered away, withered away
Without it, without it